1904 - The building of new two-towered church in Palmares (province of Alajuela) starts. The floor was covered with mosaic, and different stained-glass windows were brought from Europe.

1904 - The highest peak in Costa Rica - Chirripo Grande (3.819 m.a.s.l.) was ascented. The first who climbed to its top was a priest August Blessing.

1904 - After a strong windstorm, the majority of walls of dated to XVII century church - ruin in Ujarras collapsed. Its structure was damaged priorly by the earthquake, and the whole town left by inhabitants due to the flooding in 1833. In 1920 the remainings of the church were registered into the list of buildings of historic value.

1904 - The Greco company organized in Cinema de Variedades in San Jose the first cinematographic projection on french Lumiere engine.

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