U can help - we are going to open on next year the first in Europe Museum of Costa Rica which will be situated in Poland. Its exact place will be in SŁUPSK, on the North of Poland, 18 kms off the Baltic sea. The town is inhabited by more than 100.000 inhabitants and is called "The Paris of the North" because of the tenement-houses, which are said to be the scaled down of those from Paris.

The Museum will enclose all the things concerning Costa Rica (from the tiniest to larger). There will be shown the collections of postcards, stamps, telephone cards, posters, books, pictures, maps, national symbols, videos, dresses, ceramic, flowers, portraits, sculptures etc... The typical dishes are planned to be served. The library for pupils and students now is already opened.

If you have any questions concerning that subject
should be directed to: kostaryka1988@poczta.onet.pl