If you know any infos about these buildings, please let us known. kostaryka1988@poczta.onet.pl

1. Building close to the Metallic Building in San Jose

2. Building next to the Casa Amarilla in San Jose

3. Building in Cartago

4. Where was it in San Jose?

5. Building in Barrio Mexico

6. Building in Parque Morazan in San Jose

7. Building close to the Parque Morazan

8. Office in Avenida Central

9. Farmacia in Cartago

10. What is inside?

11. Building on Avenida 7

12. Where is it in San Jose?

13. Church

14. Building on Avenida Central

15. Building in Barrio Amon

16. Church

17. Unknown monument

 18. Limon?

19. Building in San Jose

20. What institution is placed there?

 21. Who was designer of this structure?


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