EVENTS: December

The picking of coffee

It`s the beginning of picking the red riped coffee fruits.

The humbak whales

From Alaska to the vicinity of Cano island come the humbak whales.

The thunderbolts in Cano island

On the December the cano island is still bombed by the unusual number of thunderbolts.

The turtles in Playa Nancite

On Playa Nancite the olive turtles continue laying the eggs

The turtles in Playa Grande

The letherback turtles continue laying their eggs on Playa Grande

The Day of Immaculate Concepcion

It`s celebrated on December 8th. It used to be the main nacional holiday. Girls are on the habit of going out with white, starched skirts.

Fiesta in Boruca

It`s held on December 8th in Boruca Indian village (in the Indian reserve of the same name). The old Indians traditions are mixed with the celebration in honour of the virgin of Immaculate Conception. It`s distinguished by traditional costumes, dances and music (drums and flutes).

Fiesta of Yeguita

It`s held around the December 12th in Nicoya. It`s mixed of old Indians rituals with the honouring of the Virgin of Guadelupe. The inhabitants with the whistles, flutes and drums accompanimet, carry the figure of Virgin of Guadelupe. It`s celebrated with concerts, fireworks and local dishes.

The race of formula 3

In the middle of the year in La Guacima is organized the Grand Prix race of Formula 3.

The race of "vuelta de Costa Rica"

On December takes place the 12-days long bicycle race around Costa Rica.

The preX-mas time

In the second week of December Ticos decorate their houses with the strings of colorful lights and cypress twigs. More or less in that period the government offers to the laborer the special bonuses (so called. aguinaldo an equivalent of a full month`s pay) for the X-mas gifts. (For the first time in Costa Rica the X-mas were celebrated in 1601, when off that time governor Gonzalo Vasquez de Coronado called for the national plays).

Inhabitants are on the habit of making so called "portales" (cribs) that feature the scenes from the Jesus Christ birth. They are usually put in the centre part of the rooms.

Festival of the lights

It`s the X-mas Lights Parade that move through the 42th street, Paseo Colon and Central Avenida. It consists of platforms with amazing constructions on it.


On December 16th (10 days before the X-mas Eve), the neighbours get together to act the pilgrimage of Joseph and Marias to Bethlehem. They sing the carrols, eat tamales and drink alcoholic liquor rompopo.

The portales competition

On December 22th there is organized the competition for the most beautiful portales (crib).

Jesus brings the gifts

Under the X-mas Tree (the cypress or dry coffee twigs) are put the cribs and the gifts (Costa Rican children believe that the gifts are brought by the Jesus). They are opened in the midnight and in the same time in the craddles of cribs the figure of Jesus is put.

The X-mas Eve

On December 25th Ticos eat large numbers of apples and grapefruits. There is the traditional, solemn supper. On that day, at the midnight some people participate in the "mass of cock" (misa de gallo).

The Zapote Days of Fun

From December 25th till the end of the year, in Zapote, the local fairground is converted into big amusement park with the races, bull fightings and the fireworks.

The Carnival Parade

It`s held on December 26th. The parade begins the carnival in Costa Rica. The crowds with colorful clothes begins moving down the Second Avenida. The dancers performance on the special platforms.

The horse parade

It`s called "the Tope" and is held on December 26th. It leads through the Avenida Second. The horses have the colourful strings in the manes. There is shown the horse-riding skiiling. It has been organizing through the 40 years (previously there were the ceremonies of cutting the bull`s hornes).

The carnival

It`s held on December 27th in San Jose downtown. The parade fills streets with brightly colored floats, wonderful music and elaborate costumes that sparkle with color. Bands, drummers and street dancers keep things moving.

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