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HISTORY: XXI century

Fire in Tilaran

In 2000, in Tilaran a fire gutted a nursing home. 17 residents who were trapped in the building have been killed. The fire, which officials believe was sparked by a short circuit in a television in one of the rooms, ignited the building's wooden roof and quickly spread to other rooms.

The eruption of Arenal Volcanoe

One person died and two were severely injured on August 24th eruption of Arenal volcanoe. The pyroclastic avalanche of hot gases, rocks and ashes emerged from high on the slope and proceeded to raid them at approximately 80 km per hour. This eruption was said to be the worst since 1968. 600 tourists and residents were evacuated.

Costa Rica and Cuba

On January 1st of 2001, 40 years after the two countries broke ties, Costa Rica decided to open Cuban consulate in San Jose. Juan Carlos Hernandez was appointed for the new Cunam consul.

Costa Rica - Canada free trade agreement

April 2001. The Foreign Trade ministers of Canada and Costa Rica, Pierre Pettigrew and Tomas Duenas, signed in Ottawa a free trade agreement, the first one between an underdeveloped nation and a member of the G-7. 86 percent of Costa Rican goods have free access to the Canadian market, (sugar, tropical fruit, coffee, flowers, beef, fish, and seafood).

Fire in Santa Rosa

May 9th, 2001. Historical monument, the large ranch house at Santa Rosa National Park, in Guanacaste, burned. It was apparently the victim of arson, since there were no power lines, nor any other source of fire in the house and its surroundings. The Government launched an immediate investigation of the case. It announced efforts to restore the structure. On November, two men were sentenced to serve 20 years in prison each, after they were found guilty of setting afire.

3 presidents and corruption scandal

On October 2004 Costa Rica plunged into multimillion corruption scandal. It shaked Costa Rica step by step and kept covering more and more former public officials. Soon it has engaged 3 former presidents: Miguel Angel Rodriguez [1998-2002], Jose Maria Figueres Olsen [1994-1998] and Rafael Angel Calderon Fournier [1990-1998]. Figueres was charged with receiving over $900.000 from the French telecomunication company Alcatel, Calderon with efforts to hide parts of $40 million Finlands loans (almost $10 million went to local company Fischel that allegedly passed about $450.000 to Calderon) and Rodriguez with receiving kickbacks from a government contract granted to a french company while he served as president. Rodriguez and Calderon were jailed and Figueres avoided that by not coming back to Costa Rica from his foreign trip.

2004; SLUPSK; Rafal Cezary Piechocinski