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Melico Salazar
[1887-1950]. (Manuel Maria Daniel Francisco de Paula Salazar Zuniga). Born on January 3rd. The most renown Costa Rican artist of all times. Son of Nazorio Salazar and of Rafaela Zuniga. In 1896 his family moved to Cartago and he was taking the train into San Jose every week in order to participate in the rehearsals of the choir in the Colegio Seminario. Then was enrolled in the Escuela Santa Cecilia de Musica and in the age of 17 was considered to be the miraculous child. Was singing in the churches and schools. Have dreamed about studying in Italy and that`s why participated in Religious Festival in Paraiso (province of Cartago). On winning it, on February 6th of 1907 bought the 3 class ticket for the boat to Milan, where studied with important teachers such as Castegnaro and Conrado. Soon bacame famous singing in operettas in Italy and USA. In 1914 married Angiolina Viassone Cantero, from Turin. In the years of 1915-1930 performed in different operas in Cuba, Central America, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, USA and European cities such as Barcelona, Moscow, Leningrad, Riga and Berlin. In 1924 roku performed for the first time in Metropolitan Opera in New York. In 1937 come back to Costa Rica. Since that time performed only in special events. In 1940`s Salazar gave the support to President Calderon Guardia, and that`s why later his pension was suspended by the Figueres government. In 1972 in Cartago was put his monument. In 1980 his name was granted to the theater in San Jose.

2004; SLUPSK; Rafal Cezary Piechocinski