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Republic of Costa Rica

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Welcome to the first in Poland and the biggest in Europe, the Center of Informations about Costa Rica. The web-page is dedicated to the astonishing, beautifull, magical, the best country in the world and to its incredible the most fantastic nation - Ticos. Our aim is to put together in one place as many as possible infos about Costa Rica and to make it more known internationally. It may happen that some of the links listed below may be out of use (or temporary out of use). If you have any questions or you want to suggest anything, feel free to write to us.

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Here there is the list of 21 pictures of buildings in Costa Rica about which we want to know more. If you recognize them and can tell us what are their names, the dates of constructions or any other details of their history, please, write to us...

In Poland is opening the first Museum of CR in Europe. Please, if U have postcards, stamps, maps, telephonic cards, newspapers, coins, pictures, old books, shields, flags, music in one word anything related with your country and U can send it, please write to me:

This is one of the best tour operators in Costa Rica, more infos on

Located in San Jose, the Hemingway Inn is close to all the museums, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. It`s one of the most photographed buildings. Warm ambiance and jungle surroundings are accented with Mayan statues, rosewood decore and Costa Rican art.

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Old barge Tucan Esterillos Beach Vicinity of Tenorio volcano Province of Guanacaste Caldera port Colourfull carreta House on the way to Siquirres Golden toad A traditional hut in Jaco

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On January 8th of 2009, the central part of Costa Rica was shaken by an earthquake of the magnitude of 6,2R. It lasted 40 minutes. The epicenter was placed in Poas Volcano National Park, in the depth of 4,5 km. The nearby town Cinchona de Sarapiqui was completelly destroyed. It caused gigantic landslides and blocked the roads. Many houses (800) have been destroyed. In total 23 person have been killed and 8 were considered missing. 2.000 people became homeless. 26 kms of roads were competelly unpassable and in ruin. 8 bridges have been destroyed. In San Jose there was a panic between pedestrians. people run off the buildings.
[More about Costa Rica`s earthquakes]

JANUARY 2009: Shakes were felt in entire country. The broken pavement in Rohrmoser In the capital there was a shortages in electricity. The government took over all private helicopters in the country to deal with rescue operation. It was accompanied by strong storms and low passing clouds which caused the breaks in searching for victims. There was 100 mln dollars of losses.


In 2002, the percentage of women municipal legislators in Costa Rica was unmatched by any other democratically elected national legislature in the world. In that year the percentage of women elected to municipal offices reached 47%.


In 2004 a total 42643 foreigners were rejected at border crossings and other ports of arrival to Costa Rica. A majority of the foreigners were Nicaraguan, followed by Panamians and Colombians.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park Vicinity of Escazu Tapir Curu National Wildlife Refuge A way to Esparza Barrio Amon in San Jose Strawberry frog Sugar cane Adobe houses in Barva Cahuita National Park
Vicinity of Santa Ana Peacock Corcovado National Park Old houses in Parrita Eruption of Volcan Arenal Cocos Island Tank car in San Rafael de Oreamuno Santo Domingo Playa Portete Typical fish boat in Puntarenas
Nicoya peninsula Crocodiles Vicinity of Matina river Church in Naranjo Wooden house in Caribbean side Colliber Cordillera Central Palms forest near mouth of Rio Estrella Palm plantation near Parrita Salinas Bay
Near International Airport of Juan Santamaria Caribbean coast Volcan Arenal Volcan Irazu Ferry in Limon Jade Museum Water tanks in Puntarenas Colegio de las Senoritas in San Jose Poor man`s umbrella
Cathedral in Cartago Carara Biological Reserve Modern office in San Jose Church in Santa Barbara Agava in Laguna de Fraijanes Typical market Wooden houses on Caribbean side White faced monkey National tree Colourfull bus

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If U look for renowned and professional architects, take under consideration to call for MOREHEAD/GAMBOA. Architecture and engineering. It is a design group of Americans and Costa Ricans collaborating to design high quality residences and custom furniture pieces. San Jose. 842-69-97 or 231-61-61.

If you want to know detailed informations how to spend your vacations in Costa Rica, try to click There are lots of informations about real estate, fishing, hotels, cars, restaurations, medical service and schools. Plus gallery and amazing map of Costa Rica !

Hotel is awarded Lonely Planet's Excellent Recommendation past nine consecutive years. It`s placed in Barrio Amon, in a French Victorian mansion that recalls the glorious charm of a coffee plantation home, with beautiful hardwoods. They stands out with smiling, professional staff.

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